Notice of Discontinuation: Fragrance Oils

Loyal Customers,

I wanted to inform you about an important change in our product offerings. After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to discontinue carrying our fragrance oils once our current stock is sold out.

This decision was not made lightly. It stems from several factors, including high overhead costs, the labor-intensive nature of bottling these oils, and the space requirements for proper storage. Additionally, the future reduction in our lease space, the current market conditions for commercial real estate, challenges with finding consistent suppliers for bottles that meet our standards, and difficulty in hiring and retaining employees have added to the difficulties.

For the past five years, I have dedicated over 100 hours a week to ensure the quality and availability of our freshie supplies. This demanding schedule has signficantly impacted my family time, making it unsustainable to continue this aspect of our business at this time.

Rest assured, we will continue to sell our fragrance oils until our current inventory is depleted. Be sure to grab your favorites while we have them! I will continue to explore other options for potentially bringing back fragrance oils in the future.

We will also continue offering our other popular products, including freshies, micas, bubblegum beads, fringe, molds, cardstock, scented and unscented aroma beads, bags, and polymailers.

I truly appreciate your understanding and continued support.

With Gratitude,